Outagecalendar.com Job Board Help

This guide covers frequently asked questions about posting jobs to OutageCalendar.com.

Creating a job post is completely free, and we encourage any company in the nuclear industry to post your jobs here. We receive messages every day from qualified candidates in many lines of nuclear work, even jobs that aren’t specifically “outage work.”

To post a job, it is required that you create an account. Account creation is necessary so that you can have a centralized area to edit your job posts, delete them when filled, and add all future job posts. We will never sell your email address or spam you.

When creating a job post, your account email address is hidden by default. The contact information entered on the “My Company” page is the only information visible to users.

Managing Job Posts

All information associated with your account is available to edit by clicking on the My Account page.

To see all of your job posts, click the View my job posts link, found on the “My Account” page.

This “View my job posts” link is also the place to go in order to edit, or delete job posts. Posts can be edited any time and as often as you like.

Jobs can also be deleted any time. Once a job post has been deleted, it is destroyed permanently and there is no way to recover it.


For any other questions or additional help, visit the Contact page to send an email to support.